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Made in Australia: The future of Australian cities

Made in Australia: The future of Australian cities


Publisher: UWA Publishing 2013 Authors: Richard Weller and Julian Bolleter ISBN: 9781742584928 Format: Paperback, 318pp, 255x200mm

How do you creatively plan for a population of 62 million by 2100? Australia’s current major city planning frameworks only account for an extra 5.5 million people. Whether we want a ‘Big Australia’ or not, Australia’s 21st century is likely to see rapid and continual growth – if we want liveable, high performance cities and regional centres we need to think outside the box. Richard Weller and Julian Bolleter (Australian Urban Design Research Centre at the University of Western Australia) offer optimistic and creative solutions for the future with one imperative: what we build this century will make or break our country.

  • Part 1 – Big Cities, Big Ideas, Big Australia: Australia; Visionary Cities; and Visionary Infrastructure.
  • Part 2 – Australian Cities 2012–56: Sydney; Brisbane and SEQ; Melbourne; Perth; Adelaide; Canberra; Hobart; Darwin; and Growing Pains.
  • Part 3 – Australian Cities 2101?: Australian Megaregions and New Cities; The East Coast Megaregion (ECM); The West Coast Megaregion (WCM); and Darwin – The New North.
  • Part 4 – Essays: Living with the Land; Back to the Future; Urban Resilience & Adaptation; Urban Metabolism: A way to make Australian cities more efficient?; Infrastructure: Now and then; New Settlements on the Fringe: Understanding contemporary peri-urbanisation; And now for the good news…; Cities as Water Catchments; Coding the City; and Follow the Money.
  • Part 5 – Designs: Boyd’s Error: Planning’s curse; Infill Precincts; Mean Streets; A National Green Network for Australia.

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