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International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth

International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth


Publisher: Circa Press 2016 Author: David Nixon ISBN: 9780993072130 Format: Hardback, 416pp, 235x235mm

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan gave NASA the go-ahead to build a Space Station. A generation later, the International Space Station is an established and highly successful research centre in Earth's orbit. The history of this extraordinary project is a complex weave of powerful threads - political, diplomatic, financial and technological among them - but none is more fascinating than the story of its design. This book provides the first comprehensive account of the International Space Station's conception, development and assembly in space. As a highly accessible chronicle of a complex piece of design and engineering, it will appeal to readers far beyond the space field.

NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott, a veteran of International Space Station Expeditions 20 and 21 and Shuttle Missions STS-128, STS-129 and STS-133, introduces the book with a personal memoir: A Home in Space.

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