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Frei Otto: Thinking by Modelling

Frei Otto: Thinking by Modelling


Publisher: Spector Books 2017 EditorsGeorg Vrachliotis, Joachim Kleinmanns, Martin Kunz and Philip Kurz ISBN: 9783959050890 Format: Softcover, 250pp, 330x220mm

Frei Otto was a German architect and structural engineer, who is widely known for his innovative, tent-like structures, including his design of the roof of the Olympic Stadium in Munich for the 1972 Olympics. Thinking by Modelling was published in conjunction with the most extensive exhibition of Otto's work to date at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in Germany in 2016. The Frei-Otto Archive features a large number of experimental models, and this book is the first time Otto's models have appeared in print. 

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