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Falls the Shadow, 9780987228109

Falls the Shadow: From Idea to Reality, The National Gallery of Australia


Publisher: Uro Publications 2012, ISBN: 9780987228109, Editor: Paul McGillick, Design: Paul Marcus Fuog, Uriah Gray, Format: bookcloth hardcover, 192pp, 285mm x 228mm x 18mm

"Col Madigan was an architect of rare intellect and tenacity and his buildings warrant our attention." – Mark Raggatt, Architecture Australia

The National Gallery of Australia is arguably both the most fascinating and the most contentious building in Australia. Prior to this publication, however, no book had ever been published on this remarkable work of modernist Australian architecture.

Falls the Shadow: From Idea to Reality, The National Gallery of Australia documents the controversy, challenges and accomplishments of this radical building - and the ultimately unsuccessful attempt by the building’s lead architect, Col Madigan, to participate in the revisions to the gallery by a succession of NGA Directors over a 20-year period.

Featuring 11 essays by a range of voices from the Australian architecture community, from Daryl Jackson to Richard Goodwin and from Angelo Candalepas to Jennifer Taylor, a picture is formed of an under-appreciated modern Australian milestone.

With photography by Max Dupain, the book tells a story that’s passion, contradiction and even melodrama reflects the personality of the man whose vision drove the enterprise. The gallery is Col Madigan’s masterpiece, but also, the nation’s masterpiece.

What others think...

Winner of an Australian Institute of Architects Bates Smart Architecture in the Media commendation.

“This book does not set out to be neutral... Instead, it aims to celebrate the rich complexity of one of Australia’s greatest buildings.” – John Bralic, Architecture Australia

“The book itself takes the reader from ideas to reality through a series of impressive essays from the diverse contributors, with each delivering an individual voice and opinion.” – Gillian Serisier, Australian Design Review

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