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Constant: New Babylon cover

Constant: New Babylon – To Us, Liberty


Publisher: Hatje Cantz 2016 Author: Constant Nieuwenhuy ISBN: 9783775741347 Format: Hardcover, 240pp, 300x292mm

A world without borders, capable of flowing out in all directions and allowing its residents to develop as freely as they do flexibly. This fascinating utopia of architectural and organic growth of the living environment forms the starting point of Constant Nieuwenhuy’s (1920–2005) lifelong project: New Babylon. Between 1956 and 1974, the Dutch painter and co-founder of the avant-garde movement COBRA worked on numerous models, paintings, drawings, and collages for the purpose of depicting his vision of the nomadic city of the future.

This book focuses not only on the architectural aspects of New Babylon but embraces them as an artist’s synthesis of the arts. Besides his models, drawings, and collages, attention is also given to the designs in order to trace the creative artistic process. An interview with Rem Koolhaas, as well as texts by Mark Wigley, Pascal Gielen, Laura Stamps, Willemijn Stokvis, Trudy van der Horst and Constant himself flesh out his ideas. This book not only provides extensive insight into utopian urban planning, but to a greater degree into a mode of thought and imagination.

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