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Connecting Cities: Networks Cover

Connecting Cities: Networks


Publisher: Metropolis Congress 2008 Editors: Chris Johnson, Richard Hu, Shanti Abedin ISBN: 9780734752307 Format: Softcover, 176pp, 210x150mm


This book explores this new dimension of global networks, of connected cities, of the role of the internet in linking businesses across the globe, and the rise of aircraft connectivity to world cities. To set the scene Saskia Sassen, the originator of the very concept through her 1991 book The Global City writes about the evolution of the city as part of a network of cities. Much of the content of the book comes from the Globalisation and World Cities (GAWC) research unit at Loughborough University in the UK.

Under the leadership of Professor Peter Taylor, GAWC has become the acknowledged leader in the concept and the ranking of world cities. Peter writes about his research into the connectivity factor of cities under a number of service providers and then ranks cities. Other members of GWAC also contribute chapters to the book covering the role of air traffic and the connectivity the internet provides.

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