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Charas: The Improbable Dome Builders

Charas: The Improbable Dome Builders


Publisher: Pioneer Works Press/The Song Cave 2018 Author: Buckminster Fuller ISBN: 9781945711053 Format: Paperback 240pp, 171x241mm

When R Buckminster Fuller, the celebrated and revolutionary architect and inventor of the geodesic dome, met with six ex-gang members who called themselves 'CHARAS', a dome-building experiment began in an empty lot of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Through stories, profiles, interviews and images, this book charts their process - from the intensive study of advanced mathematics and principles of dome building, to the obstacles of physically constructing domes and community identity philosophies of Buckminster Fuller. Now back in print, this intimate and important book tells a story that touches upon topics such as the morals of city planning and affordable housing, rehabilitation and education, public vs. private space, and the desire to strengthen inner-city communities. This edition also includes a new interview with Michael Ben-Eli looking back on the project four decades later.

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