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Arquitectura Viva 201: 50 From Africa and Asia

Arquitectura Viva 201: 50 From Africa and Asia


Publisher: Avisa ISBN: 02141256 Format: Softcover, 80pp, 300 x 240mm

The West and Japan have traditionally been foci of architecture, but globalization tends to change things. In the Far East, the Indian Subcontinent, and Africa, architectural practices crop up with intentions of joining the current of modernization, but reinterpreting vernacular architecture to address complex climatic, economic, and social realities.

Arquitectura Viva takes stock of this rich panorama through a selection of 50 studios, 42 of which come in a small atlas of offices based in or working in countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Rwanda, and Angola. The other 8 are featured at greater length through works of their own.

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