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Architecture in its Continuums, 9780994269799

Architecture in its Continuums


Publisher: Uro Publications 2018 Author: Leon van Schaik Forewords: Kate Heron and Vivian Mitsogianni Design: Stuart Geddes ISBN: 9780994269799 Format: Paperback with semi-opaque perspex cover, 144pp, 240mm x 170mm

"A timely primer that hints at the key role the spatial intelligence of architects might play in helping to tackle critical planetary-wide issues" – Deborah Saunt, Architecture Australia, 2018

Leon van Schaik AO, Professor of Architecture at RMIT University for 30 years and mentor to countless Australian architects, lays down his highly influential creative philosophies in his latest book, Architecture in its Continuums. The text represents a distillation of a lifetime of thinking about architecture and the ways in which it is practiced, researched and taught. 

The book remediates a gap that van Schaik sees in current architecture writing. There are, he says, ‘very few books on architecture that, I believe, concern the practice of architecture itself, as distinct from the large body of writing about the history, sociology and environmental science of architecture’. Van Schaik contends that we all share a common experience of space and light. Therefore, the architect’s skill in the crafting of space and light has the potential to intimately connect architecture with humanity. Here he presents 21 hand-drawn ideograms that illustrate and enrich his writing.  

In her introduction, Kate Heron, Professor of Architecture at University of Westminster, writes, ‘he evokes spatial experiences and memories to act as signposts, repeatedly questioning his own thinking as he hones his position. The reader is drawn into his world.’

This interweaving of philosophy and experience offers new ways of thinking about architecture learning.

As Professor Vivian Mitsogianni, Associate Dean of Architecture and Urban Design, RMIT writes, ‘Leon’s analysis of what venturous and innovative designers actually do has provided useful material and frameworks that allow us to argue more broadly for the increased participation of design practitioners within design education.’

Leon van Schaik is a Professor of Architecture at RMIT and Innovation Professor and Innovation Chair of Design Practice Research. He studied at Architectural Association in London before commencing his position at RMIT in 1987.

What others think...

Winner, Australia Book Designers Association Awards – Best Designed Educational Tertiary Book, 2019.

Shortlist, Cornish Family Prize, National Gallery of Victoria, 2019

Architecture in its Continuums is a succinct and engaging manifesto on how architects need to reclaim and celebrate the unique importance of spatial intelligence, an intangible but significant skill that harnesses the potential of space to reveal latent qualities and engender ” – Deborah Saunt, Architecture Australia, 2018

Distinction, Australian Graphic Design Association Awards, 2018

Finalist, Best Design Awards, Design Institute of New Zealand, 2018

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