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A Life of Purpose: A Biography of John Sulman

A Life of Purpose: A Biography of John Sulman


Publisher: Longueville Media 2018 ISBN: 9780648171928 Author: Zeny Edwards Format: Hardcover, 392pp, 244x170mm

John Sulman was a prodigy of his generation. Born in England, the architectural and ecclesiastical foundations of his life are of great value to reflect upon when looking at his transformation from Victorian English architect, to visionary Australian statesman. 

A man of tenacity and purpose, Sulman was at the forefront of the movement for an Australian 'style' of architecture. As a town planner, he was one of Australia's great social reformers, and across a range of prestigious and influential positions in public life, he outshone the lives and careers of many other English architects who journeyed to Australia in the nineteenth century. 

Driven by ambition, he became the quintessential polymath - architect, artist, lecturer, educator, writer, polemicist, environmentalist, philanthropist and patron of the arts. John Sulman deserves a special place in Australian history for the outstanding and influential role he played in the development of the country's cultural identity. 

The legacy that he bequeathed Australia is multi-faceted and maintains its momentum through the twenty-first century. 

Zeny Edwards is a consulting architectural historian and an acknowledged author, biographer and curator. Her publications include the biographies of photographers Harold Cazneaux and Max Dupain; monographs on architects BJ Waterhouse, the Vernons, Howard Joseland and Leith McCredie; and architectural histories of The Women's College, Eryldene and Caerleon, among others. She completed her doctorate in Architectural History at UTS in 2006. 

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