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Studio Futures, 9780994269713

Studio Futures: Changing Trajectories in Architectural Education


Publisher: Uro Publications 2015 Editors: Donald Bates, Vivian Mitsogianni, Diego Ramírez-Lovering Design: Michael Bojkowski ISBN: 9780994269713 Format: Paperback, 176pp, 175mm x 245mm

‘Studio Futures powerfully and persuasively examines how the "changing trajectories" of architectural education in Australia and New Zealand will have a positive impact on practice and not just on pedagogy.’ ­– Harriet Harriss, Architecture Australia

Throughout much of the twentieth century, the design studio has been an important locus of invention and experimentation in architecture: both smelter and test-bed for new ideas. But with recent developments in digital technology, new materials and construction practices, shifts in the client-architect relationship, and architectural practice subject to evermore-onerous procurement models, is the studio model still relevant?

Studio Futures examines contemporary practices in design education, with a particular focus on the studio model, to understand how educators are responding to the demands of architectural practice now and into the future.

The book includes case studies of innovative studio models together with critical essays that consider the history of the design studio and how it might respond to the changing demands of practice, research, pedagogy and society. In addition, a wider survey of architects enriches this material with observations on the challenges facing the discipline at the coalface of architectural practice.

Bringing together leading thinkers from across professional practice and academia, Studio Futures is a sustained reflection on the relevance of the design studio to contemporary conditions. Perhaps more importantly, though, it offers vital insights into what the future might hold for this pivotal platform for architectural education and production.

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‘If all good books on architectural education were judged by the practical applicability ­- and not just the philosophical profundity - of their insights, then this book could surely be considered exemplary.’ – Harriet Harriss, Architecture Australia

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